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Perfectly honed system of services for business
You invest in development, we care about the integrity of your taxes
You do business, we take care of your accounting and bookkeeping routine
You focus on the main thing, we protect your achievements and peace of mind
20% discount on service.
20% for the first month as a trial period for an existing business.
Get UAH 2500 for services
We will provide a stabilization deposit for accounting services and consultations.
We work with different businesses
Ongoing businesses

Businesses that have proven their worth trust us with everything: audit and risk identification, restoration of accounting and comprehensive "turnkey" accounting, tax optimization, payroll, personnel management, etc.

Start-ups (LLC or pE)

Those who are just starting a business activity receive from us competent legal advice, implemented correct accounting and management accounting, impeccable accounting and legal support

Future entrepreneurs

We provide training and advise for those who plan to open their own business, we select the optimal tax system, register them and prop them up  - we provide all the necessary legal and accounting support.

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We work for you
Perfectly honed system of services for business
which audits taxes and risks and saves business money and time – backs up on non-core, routine business processes: accounting, personnel accounting, legal issues.
Question - answer
What regions do you work in and do you have branches?

The company’s main office is located in Kyiv. From here, we successfully provide support to our clients (you can also become one of them) anywhere in Ukraine. We learned how to masterfully work online using modern means of communication long before it became mainstream. In the near future, we plan to open branches in our key regions – and you will also be able to communicate with us offline.

Do you take responsibility if your accountant makes a mistake?

In short – yes, we do. Paper Cloud values its reputation. Financial liability is specified in the contract.

In addition, Paper Cloud has a multi-level control system and issued insurance against professional errors for 1 million UAH in the insurance company UBI Insurance..

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Do you provide services to newly created companies?

Yes, of course! We support those who have decided to start business. We often help them even before registration: we advise them, make a preliminary calculation of the tax burden on the basis of projected transactions, mandatory supporting documents for the possibility of attributing these operations to costs/ income, possible reasons for blocking tax invoices, options for accrual of salary  to the Director, etc. We take on the legal part, conduct registration, open a bank account.

Moreover, we have special price offers for such companies – it is important for us to support the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

How do you understand the term “transaction”?

A transaction is a set of postings for 1 purchase or 1 sale of goods or services. 1 purchase and / or 1 sale of goods / services usually includes from 3 to 6 postings.

Note: usually outsourcing companies mean that  1 transaction is  1 posting  in the 1C program. We consider this approach to be unethical, since customer accounts grow unpredictably at the slightest cash flow. We care about our customers!

How does the document flow work?

Systematization and storage of scanned copies / photocopies of primary documents is performed by our accountant. We accept documents in any way that is convenient for your company: photos by Viber, scanned by e-mail, originals by courier or through delivery services.

We also work with shared folders for storing documents with automatic loading, which are used in many companies.

Systematization and storage of originals of primary documents is carried out by agreement – sometimes they are stored with us, sometimes  – with clients. If the originals are stored with us, their availability is controlled by our accountant.

How does communication with the accountant take place?

The accountant is always in touch by all means of communication: by mobile phone, Viber, e-mail from 9: 00 to 17:45 Monday-Thursday and  to 17: 00 on Friday. Lunch  brake lasts from 13:00 to 13:45.

If you regularly need to contact the accountant outside of working hours, we provide it! The cost of such support is only 40% higher than usual.

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How is your accounting outsourcing organized?
We provide outsourced professional accounting services. This means that a group of professionals remotely provides full accounting support for your company "from account to report", legal services and HR administration.
We assign two specialists to each company: the lead account, who keeps your accounting, promptly communicates on all accounting issues, and the chief accountant, who makes balances and submits reports. Once a quarter, they are additionally checked by an auditor; we strive to minimize the risk of making a mistake.
In this way we provide multilevel control and minimize your risks.
Unlike a full-time / visiting accountant, the level of competence and responsibility of which is not easy for an accountant to determine, except for saving on taxes and payments, you will also exclude the need to be accompanied during sick leave, vacation and other reasons.

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What is the term of the contract? What if I change my mind about cooperation?

The standard contract is concluded for 1 year. For early termination of cooperation, you need to inform us of this intention one month  ahead in writing. The contract stipulates it.

How are prices for the services formed?

The cost of services is calculated individually and depends on a combination of factors.

The main criteria for pricing are as follows: the tax system, the average number of employees, and the number of transactions per month.

The cost is fixed in the contract.

Do you take care of and support grants, companies with foreign or budget funding?

Yes, of course, we support grants and companies with foreign and budgetary funding.

Do you work under IFRS? Are there English-speaking accountants in your company? Yes, we support the activities of the companies both under Accounting regulations (standards) and IFRS. In addition to extensive experience and specialized education, our accountants have passed the international certification of professional accountants CAP (Certified Accounting Practitioner).

Can I look through your standard contract?

Yes, it is possible. Standard contracts can be downloaded from our website.

Download a standard contract for an LLC (PE, JSC) on the common system or on a single tax without VAT

Download a standard contract for the company (PE, JSC) with VAT

Download a standard contract for self-employed individual (PE, business enterprise, self-employed individual) on a single tax

If you have a different legal form, write to us in the dialog box on the right

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Our offices are located in all regions. Do you support them in case of inspection?

Paper Cloud provides support of the companies throughout the country. In case of inspection, the assigned accountant will come to your premises.

We have an accountant, can you only take care of submitting reports?

Yes, of course. For those who are only interested in submitting reports, the accountant assigned to the company not only generates and submits reports, but also checks the correctness of transactions made by the company’s full-time accountant.

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