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About Us

We are a perfectly honed system of business services that transfers the back office with all its folders, letters, documents for signature, invoices and other papers to outsourcing with direct access and process control for the owner and management.

Our tasks

We offer to businesses outsourcing services in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, law and audit, freeing the mind and space from routine business tasks.

We operate to take over the entire micro-and medium-management, serving the main business process so that the owner and managers have the opportunity to focus on ensuring the success of their business.

Our identity

Our company is a professional and experienced, but at the same time flexible and modern partner – an intellectual that can be relied on, and that does not burden you with his constant presence.

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Our missions:

To help ideological small and medium-sized businesses achieve the implementation of their aspirations.

To pour oil upon troubled waters of our partners, eliminating bureaucratic worries and paperwork.

To be a simple, useful and reliable accounting, bookkeeping and legal service that multiplies the main currency of our nowadays — time

Our vision

To become a unique digital service (benchmark for the industry) for outsourcing business services based on information technology and cloud storage.

Our social missio

Assistance in the development of new businesses and startups through special programs and consulting in the main areas of activity — accounting, bookkeeping, law, and taxation.

Our values

Assistance in the development of young businesses and startups through special programs and consulting in the main areas of activity – accounting, bookkeeping, law, taxation.

Мы держим руку на пульсе и наблюдаем за последними разработками в ключевых сферах деятельности, имплементируя лучшее в целях развития собственного и бизнесов наших партнеров.
Мы осознанно подходим ко всем результатам нашей работы и целям компаний клиентов, неся ответственность за развитие бизнесов партнеров и рынка в целом.
Высокие результаты нашей работы напрямую зависят от нашего реноме и опыта. Наша репутация слишком дорога нам, чтобы хоть раз уступить в качестве.

Our rational advantages

  1. Ability to communicate complex things in simple words
  2. Ability to reanimate customeraccouns
  3. Instant response on customer requests
  4. Automation of informing and reminded processes
  5. Full transparency (live representation on the network)
  6. Interchangeability and multilevel control: a mix of technologies and offline professionals
  7. Insurance for 1 million UAH